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Tamarack Solar 90521 3.1 Rail Extension Kit


Increase the versatility of your solar panel system with the Tamarack Solar 90521 3.1 Rail Extension Kit. Designed for easy installation, this kit allows you to add extra rails for a customized setup. With this extension kit, you can maximize the efficiency of your solar panels and boost your energy savings.

Build a simple, low-cost structure with columns of 3 or 4 modules in landscape orientation.

  • Combine our 3.1 rails and UL 2703 module mounting components with locally sourced 2-inch schedule-40 steel pipe
  • As many columns as necessary can be installed
  • Simplify design by using our Ground Mount Kits - This system comes with all parts needed except for the pipe and concrete
  • Ground Mount Kits and smaller systems can ship economically via UPS
  • Concrete and 2-inch schedule 40 steel pipe not included - purchase locally


Simple To Design
Arrays can be in columns of 3 or 4 module high and any width required

Easy to install
No welding or drilling and two wrench sizes fit all fasteners

UL 2703 Listed
All components meet the UL 2703 standards for bonding and grounding

PE Certified
Pre-stamped engineering letters available for most states

Easy to Configure
Unlimited system size with tilt angles from 0 to 45 degrees

Visually Appealing
Simple to adjust for perfect alignment, even if the surface is irregular

Easy Wire Management
PV cables and wiring for module-level electronics fits inside rails to avoid time-consuming wire management

Extremely Robust
For use in locations with wind speeds up to 170 MPH and ground snow loads of up to 70 PSF

What's included in the Tamarack Solar 90521 3.1 Rail Extension Kit:

  • Two 14-inch 3.1 rail sections with splices to extend one column 14-inches.

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