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Tamarack Solar PIPE-KIT-SD-4


The PIPE KIT-SD5 is the perfect companion for the TTP-A-2 and TTP-A-3 Solar Module Pole Top Mounts by Tamarack Solar. Designed to provide a secure and reliable mounting solution, this kit includes two 2-inch Sch-40 4-foot pipes, offering the ideal length for your solar installation needs.

When it comes to installing your Tamarack Solar TTP-A-2 or TTP-A-3 module pole top mount, having the right pipes is essential. The PIPE KIT-SD5 ensures a proper fit and a sturdy foundation for your solar array. With the included two 4-foot pipes, you have the flexibility to position and secure your modules with ease.

Each pipe in the kit is constructed with durable 2-inch Sch-40 steel, providing the strength and stability necessary for your solar installation. The Sch-40 designation indicates that the pipes have a standard wall thickness, striking a balance between strength and weight.

With a total shipping weight of 38 lbs., the PIPE KIT-SD4 is conveniently packaged and ready to be shipped to your location. The kit is designed to provide all the necessary components for a seamless installation process, allowing you to get your solar array up and running quickly.

Please note that the PIPE KIT-SD4 is specifically designed for use with the TTP-A-2 and TTP-A-3 Solar Module Pole Top Mounts by Tamarack Solar. Ensure compatibility and optimal performance by using this kit with the recommended pole top mounts.

Invest in the PIPE KIT-SD4 by Tamarack Solar and experience a hassle-free installation of your TTP-A-2 or TTP-A-3 solar module pole top mount. Trust in the quality and reliability of Tamarack Solar products for your solar energy needs.

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