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Summit Refrigerator Drawer ACR17 Drawer

ACR17 Drawer

Full extension glides for optimum convenience when loading and unloading.

The ACR17 Drawer is designed for use inside any ACR1717/ACR1718 pharmaceutical refrigerator. It ships with two brackets that can easily be user-installed in virtually any position inside the unit. The drawer is solidly constructed from lightweight but durable aluminum and includes two adjustable dividers to make it easy to organize the contents. The front features a clear strip that provides a helpful view of stored contents. The glides allow the shelves to fully extend out, making it easy to load and unload the refrigerator.

Each drawer is individually packaged and sold separately. The ACR1717/ACR1718 refrigerator can fit up to nine drawers inside the 17 cu.ft. interior, although we recommend using no more than seven to ensure optimum temperature circulation.


Height of Cabinet 4.5" (11 cm)
Width 23.0" (58 cm)
Depth 17.5" (44 cm)
Door White
Cabinet White
Weight 8.0 lbs. (4 kg)
Shipping Weight 10.0 lbs. (5 kg)
UPC 761101050829


Full extension

Glides allow drawers to extend all the way out to make it easy to access stored contents

Solid construction

Drawers are constructed from aluminum for a lightweight feel with lasting durability

Interior dividers

Drawer includes two adjustable dividers for easier organization

Cantilevered design

Brackets can be mounted in almost any position inside the refrigerator

Easy installation

No hardware required; simply line up brackets and slide drawers to desired position

Combine with shelves

Drawers and shelves can be mixed for a variety of storage configurations

Individually packaged

Each drawer is individually packaged with brackets. ACR1717/ACR1718 can fit up to nine drawers, though seven is the maximum we recommend to ensure optimum temperature circulation

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