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Midstate Lamp Co. Model 450 Gas Lamp (Propane LP or Natural Gas)

Model 450-LP

Choose Gas Type: Propane (LP) Gas

The largest, brightest, highest quality & certified indoor propane lamp available in North America! 

When electricity is not an option, you want the brightest, safest most efficient gas lamp on the market. The Midstate Model 450. This lamp rivals a 100 watt bulb in brightness. It can run on the same low pressure gas line as your appliances such as gas refrigerators or gas ranges. This makes it a safe and energy efficient choice. Adjust the brightness on the Model 450 with a simple turn of a knob.

The Model 450 is perfect for remote locations such as fishing and hunting cabins or desert and mountain getaway retreats. You can also count on them in case of an unexpected power outage or other emergency. With it's stainless steel construction, it is built to last and needs little to no maintenance. Midstate Lamp guarantees the quality of it's product, testing each lamp before shipment.

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(Propane LP or Natural Gas) Single Burner Lamp 100 Watt Bulb Equivalent

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