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Kodiak 6 cu ft Solar (DC) 12v-24v Refrigerator (White) KOG6RFDC


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6 cu ft DC Refrigerator-Freezer


Door Swing: Reversible
Recessed handle
1 glass shelf in freezer,
2 glass shelves in refrigerator
1 crisper drawer
3 plastic door shelves
Adjustable Leveling Feet
Crocodile power cable ends for portable battery connections
Power cable grip ends can be cut off for hard-wired installations

Net Volume; 169L / 5.97 cu ft

Freezer volume:  1.70 cu ft

Refrigerator volume: 4.27 cu ft

Freezer temperature range: -4°

Refrigerator temperature range: 32-50°

Outside dimensions: H 51" x W 20.5" x  D 21.5"

Inside Freezer dimensions: H 13" x W 15 1/2" x D 15"

Inside Refrigerator dimensions: H 29" x W 17 1/4" x D 16"

DC Powered: 12v/24v

12v Stats Tested at 75F:
Average running watts: 48
Peak Watts: 74
Average running amps 3.7A
Peak Amps: 5.7 
Uses 300 Watt Hours / 26.3 Amp Hours in 24 hours with no door openings

24V Stats Tested at 75F:
Average Running Watts: 55 
Average Running Amps 2.3A 
Uses 348 Watt-Hours in 24 hours with no door openings

With the refrigerator temperature at 40F the freezer will be at about 4-5F

(When comparing DC appliance consumption vs AC appliances remember that you can expect to lose up to 30% of your power using your solar inverter to change the DC current to AC current). The efficiency rating of your inverter is under perfect conditions.

Manufacturers recommend connecting refrigerators and freezers directly to the battery bank and not to the DC power output of your charger or inverter. This is because they may not provide enough starting power and could damage the compressor over time.

If your battery bank voltage is higher than 24v you can use a buck converter (see related products) to reduce the voltage going to the appliance.

Refrigerant: R134a

Net Weight: 77 lbs

Shipping Weight 115 lbs


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