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Tamarack Solar 1.6 Rail 93in Black 4 Rail Kit - 90750


The Tamarack Solar 1.6 Rail 93in Black 4 Rail Kit - 90750 is a high-quality and durable solution for solar panel installation. With its 1.6 rail and 93 inch length, this kit provides maximum stability and support for your solar panels. Its sleek black design adds a modern touch to your rooftop. Enjoy efficient and reliable solar energy with this 4 rail kit.

Offering the first major improvement in railed system technology in many years.

Single tool installation is straightforward and extremely intuitive. 

The two rail profiled (heights) available to meet various snow and wind ratings.

Rails are available in two easy to handle lengths: 10.5-foot and 7-foot. Shorter rail lengths facilitate easier shipping, transportation, stocking, and handling. Kits made with 7-foot rails can be shipped via UPS!

Rails feature a unique internal splice design allowing for economical use of shorter rails. The low-cost splice features tool-free installation and does not interfere with module clamps or roof mounts.

An industry first design! Our 5050 Module Clamp works as a mid-clamp and an end-clamp with all module types. These clamps are so smart they are being imitated, but our original design is still the best.

Want finished, premium aesthetics? Our Channel Clamp can be used at the ends of rows allowing rails to be cut flush with the edge of the module frames.

Most excellent wire management, using the open rail channels for module and MLPE wiring.


Simple Design
Wire clips snap into the rail channels to keep module leads in place for the life of the system

Easy to install
All bolts tighten with a ½-inch socket

UL 2703 Listed
Listed MLPE mounting kits with a UL2703 certification

No Drilling Required
A simple ground lug will mount into the top channel, with no drilling required

Choice of Rail Length
Available in easy to handle 10.5-foot and 7-foot rails.

Visually Appealing
Wire management, channel end clamps, and plastic end caps provide a clean and finished looked to the installation

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