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Unique UGP-20G OF1 B | Classic 20' Black Off Grid Propane Range


The Unique Classic 20" Propane Range provides convenience and efficiency with battery ignition and sealed burners. Its variable BTU allows for customizable cooking, while the cast iron grates ensure even heat distribution. The black design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

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Off Grid Battery Ignition Propane Range Black UGP-20GOF1B

Operation: Set For Propane (LPG)- A natural (NG) conversion kit is included.


    • Sleek Modern design
    • Continuous cast iron grate design for easy and safe movement of cookware (No tipping)
    • Sealed Cast burners for easy clean up
    • Variable 9,000 BTU cast burners for quick boiling
    • One 7,000 BTU cast burner
    • One 3,000 BTU cast burner for low simmer cooking
    • Oven Burner 12,000 BTU
    • Heavy duty handles
    • Oven window
    • Battery ignition (No standing pilot wasting fuel)

Dimensions (HxWxD): Oven: 14"x20"x21.5"

Broil Area: 20" Wide x 21.5" Deep

Cooking Surface Height: 37.5"

Overall Height: 39.5"

Floorspace: 20" Wide x 27.25" Deep

BTU Cooktop (LPG & NG): Variable BTU Cooktop- (Sealed Burners)

Front Left: 7,000
Front Right: 9,000
Rear Left: 9,000
Rear Right 3,000

Weight: 128 lbs/ 58kg

Shipping Weight 170 lbs


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