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Universal Exhaust Venting Kit for Propane or Natural Gas Refrigerators and Freezers


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This unit is being redesigned to work with the new large burner Crystal Cold chest freezer. ETA 10/31/24

Designed to vent hot exhaust from a gas refrigerator burner flue to the outside of a building. Requires drilling a hole through an adjacent outside wall at a 4 degree downward angle to prevent condensation from dripping back to the inside. The inside diameter of the flexible steel exhaust hose is 1.25". Most flue tubes are approximately 1" outside diameter. There may not be enough room to fit the vent completely over the flue tube of your refrigerator due to the adjacent pipe being so close. In this case a piece of high temperature HVAC tape or flexible steel wire can be used to secure it in position. Proper draw can be tested by blowing out a match at the pipe connection gap. The vent hose does not need to be clamped to the flue.

This device is not certified by any authority to serve as a safety device. If you need to pass a required inspection, check with your local authority before purchasing to see if it will qualify. If you are concerned about carbon monoxide we always recommend using an electronic carbon monoxide detector wherever gas appliances are being used. Use at least 3.5 feet of the supplied 72" hose.

Wear gloves when working with the steel flex pipe. The cut off edges on the ends may be sharp.

We do not supply or offer a lower inlet hose for air supply to the burner due to the differences of burner cover sizes among refrigerator manufacturers.

These kits are made to order and usually ship within 1-2 business days.

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