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10 Gauge (10AWG) Cable Wire Connect Solar Panel to Charge Controller (Red & Black) | Choose Feet/Length


Length: 20 Feet Red & Black (Set)

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  • Ideal for off-grid solar kits.
  • Customized length of 20 feet or 30 feet, 10 gauge.
  • Two wires with solar connectors at one end connecting to solar panel and bare on the other end connecting to charge controller.
  • Each wire is 20 feet or 30 feet, one pair is double length.
  • UL 4703 solar panel cable is designed for outdoor use and is moisture, UV and corrosion resistant.


  • Wire Gauge: 10AWG
  • Length: 20 feet / 30 feet
  • Rating Voltage: DC: 1.8KV / AC: 0.6~1KV
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Fire Rated: IEC60332-1
  • Insulation Material: TPE
  • Contact Material: Tinned Copper 
  • Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +90°C
  • Service life: >25 years

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