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Home Medley Dishwasher CLEAN DIRTY Magnet Sign Indicator in Silver


Dishwasher CLEAN DIRTY Magnet Sign Indicator in SILVER (for Stainless Steel Dishwashers) Including No-Scratch Magnetic Backing and Adhesive Pads for Use with Any Dishwasher. Best Sturdy Slide Design

With this handy tool, you'll never have to guess if your dishes are ready to be put away or if they need another run through the dishwasher.

  • PAYS FOR ITSELF! Because you never have to wonder if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty again, you will save hundreds on previously wasted electricity and dishwasher soap. NO MORE RE-WASHING DISHES because someone put dirty dishes in with clean ones! Slider is firm enough to avoid accidentally changing the status, while still being easy enough to move with a gentle nudge.
  • WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS ONE? We saw the complaints on other similar dishwasher signs and eliminated all of those problems with our design. This means you will enjoy years of trouble-free use. There are no cheap plastic end caps to fall off. The frame is a one-piece design made of HEAVY DUTY Industrial grade plastic. The back is a solid one-piece no-scratch magnet, not small weak uneven ones that fall off.
  • USE ON ANY DISHWASHER! Does your dishwasher have a non-magnetic front? Simply use the two WAFER THIN no-residue adhesive disks to attach the clean/dirty sign. They are not thick like velcro on other brands which can easily be knocked off. These keep the sign attached snugly to the surface even when wet! Will not harm the front of your dishwasher if removed. LOW PROFILE! Prevents the sign from being accidentally moved by clothing brushing up against it.
  • PERFECT SIZE! Our 7" Wide x 2" High size looks great on any dishwasher, and can be see easily from across the room. Color coded for children and vision impaired! Just remember "GREEN FOR CLEAN"!
  • HOME MEDLEY strives to make the best quality products at the lowest possible price for our customers. Your happiness is important to us!

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