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SunStar ST-15CF-AC 15 cu. ft. (120VAC) Chest Refrigerator or Freezer


Listed Prices are FOB Lagrange Indiana.   

FOB Kingman Arizona, add $110


SunStar appliances are high-quality, energy-efficient refrigerator/freezers manufactured right here in the USA. SunStar chest fridge/freezers operate as either a refrigerator or freezer using a single thermostat, which makes them very flexible for use in a variety of applications. Operates on nominal 120VAC/60 Hz. An extremely efficient compressor keeps energy usage well below 600Wh per day on the ST-15CF-AC

 SunStar Freezers also features a galvanized steel interior for durability and longevity, a double gasket design to ensure the tightest seal possible, along with a cooling fan to enhance the life of the compressor and in turn your freezer.

SunStar Freezers are designed with consumer and commercial use in mind. The philosophy behind this product is efficiency, durability, quality, and value.


  • 4.6 inch Polyurethane walls
  • Double lid gasket
  • Interior lid light
  • Air cooled condenser for fast cool down
  • Coated steel interior for good looks and easy cleaning
  • Two in one thermostat (refrigerator or freezer)
  • Portable - Heavy duty casters on each corner


  • Total volume: 15 cubic ft (425 liters)
  • Operating voltage: 115VAC
  • Fuse rating (A): 15A
  • Typical Power Draw: 80W
  • Power consumption at 90°F: 585 watt-hours/day (+0°F freezer), 255 watt-hours/day (+38°F refrigerator)
  • Refrigeration Agent: R134A

Exterior dimensions: 64″ x 37.5″ x 30.75″
Shipping weight: 215 lbs

Two year warranty

    Energy Consumption Guide (Based on 24 Hr Time Period) @ 115VAC with No Door Openings

    Room Temp (Below)       +38°F(+0°C)        +0°F(-18°C)

    70°F (21°C)                         150 WHR             384 WHR

    90°F (32°C)                         255 WHR             585 WHR


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