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Unique Off-Grid 19 Cu. Ft. Propane Top Freezer Refrigerator In Black UGP-19C SM B


The Unique Off-Grid 19 Cu. Ft. Propane Top Freezer Refrigerator offers reliable and efficient cooling for off-grid living. With its propane-powered design, this top freezer refrigerator eliminates the need for electricity, providing a sustainable and cost-effective option for remote locations. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a traditional refrigerator without the need for a power source.

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Sleek, modern, and spacious—what more could you ask for in a propane-powered fridge? This 19 cu. ft. refrigerator with top-mount freezer has been designed to bring you all the convenience of home for the cottage, campsite, lake house, or wherever you need to prepare meals off grid. Ample storage space means you can bring up supplies to last you comfortably for extended stays. Plus the removable shelves and crispers make it easy to store and access ingredients, and ensure cleaning is quick and simple.

  • CSA certified for North America
  • Dual power (primary propane – 110V backup)
  • Convenient front-mounted controls with removable protective kick plate
  • Battery ignition
  • Battery-operated interior light
  • Front-mounted controls
  • Reversible doors
  • Thermostat
  • Flame indicator
  • Powder coat finished freezer
  • Alarming device with safety shut-off
  • Modern interior with 4 adjustable glass shelves
  • 3 adjustable door shelves

Product Code: UGP-19C SM B
Total size: 19.0 cu ft – 539L
Fridge size: 14.1 cu ft – 399L
Freezer size: 4.9 cu ft – 139L
CM/SM Dimensions (H x W x D): 78.3” x 34.6” x 33” / 198.8 cm x 87.8 cm x 83.8 cm
Operation: Dual power (primary propane – 110V backup)
AC Power: 110V, 3,46 Amp., 380 Watts
Min. Clearance for installation (from front): Left: 2” / 5 cm / Top: 10” / 25.4 cm / Right: 2” / 5 cm / Back: 1” / 2.5 cm
Gas consumption: Approx. 1.8 lb LPG in 24 hr. period
BTU: 1991 max., 667 min.
Weight: CM/SM 265 lb / 120 kg

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