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Is your Crystal Cold Propane Refrigerator getting TOO cold?

Here's a fix if your Crystal Cold propane refrigerator is getting too cold inside and starting to freeze some items. There is a small screw on the side of the thermostat itself we can adjust. Depending on your year and model, you may be able to remove the front cover to access the thermostat which is connected to the front panel control knob. If you can't remove the cover you will need to tilt the fridge against a wall and have someone hold it for you or lay it down on its side to access the adjustment screw shown in the photo below. Turn the screw one full turn clockwise for warmer. Be careful not to kink or break the silver temperature sensor wire or you will have to buy a whole new thermostat. If your fridge will not get cold enough, that is most likely a gas supply issue and this will be covered in another blog post. As the manufacturer says: "It isn't cold if it's not Crystal Cold!"
If you need help with any brand of propane refrigerator or want to know if your is repairable call us at 800-771-7702 for a free diagnosis. We won't try to sell you anything you don't need. - Ben

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