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Off-Grid Living with Propane or Solar Appliances

Here at Ben's Deals we get tons of calls daily from all sorts of amazing people who have made the choice to either live off grid or are currently taking the leap to do so. Their reasons to live off grid are many and varied, the real issue is how to be able to live comfortably off the grid enjoying freedom and fresh air, without having to feel like you time traveled to the dark ages. With a proper appliance and living set up, you can easily live anywhere (within reason) while enjoying every comfort available those living in the city. With the propane refrigerators / freezers and battery ignited ranges we have available today, you can have a great looking and functioning kitchen that is affordable, efficient and works year in, year out. The battery ignition system on the ranges, makes it to where all you need is a set of AA or 9V batteries installed in the battery pack on the front bottom of the range, plus the regulated propane hose for gas supply and that's it. You now have an oven and stove top anywhere regardless of power availability.   

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