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Check out our customer transporting his new fridge to his off grid lake house, great work and congratulations! If you need a propane or solar powered refrigerator, click HERE to find the right model for you!
  • 1 min read
Check out the UGP-72LD1 Solar washer with dryer / spinner. This beauty washes and dries clothes super efficiently, in a compact space and does it all in style! Perfect off grid clothes cleaning solution. No matter how far or near your cabin, lodge, retreat or favorite wild spot, this [...]
  • 1 min read
Solar refrigerator freezer that does it all using only 12 or 24 volts. Super efficient design and great look.*** Click Here To Check it out ***
It's always great hearing from our customers about how much they love their new appliance, getting a picture showing us how much, is even better! Here is a picture showing the beautiful UNIQUE UGP-30EOF2 set up in a very happy customer's kitchen. Thanks for the picture Miss Fiona of New Mexico, this range sure looks [...]
The Unique UGP-30GOF1W. No power? No Problem!
Check out the Dometic RGE400 Video showing this great refrigerator-freezer in full detail Video of Dometic RGE400
  • 1 min read
Here's a quick video showing the largest available propane refrigerator-freezer from Crystal Cold. This particular model is in stainless steel. In stock and ready to ship, get yours now.
  • 1 min read
Check out the all new video introduction of the amazing UGP-3 from UNIQUE. This little fridge-freezer is compact and portable! It is designed and built to last in Canada, where they know how to keep things cool. It runs on propane, 12V DC, and even 110V AC! WOW right? This fridge is perfect for camping, [...]
Check out this new video featuring the UNIQUE UGP-10. It is a quick all around visual introduction to this awesome and super cool refrigerator-freezer! The UGP-10 is a 10 cubic foot two-way propane and 110V AC powered marvel. It works quietly and efficiently, featuring high quality construction resulting in a long service life. If you're ready to buy, give [...]
  • 1 min read
Common questions regarding the venting of propane and natural gas refrigerators and freezers in a residential dwelling
Unless you are an avid outdoor person, you may not know how liberating having propane appliances can be. Liberating... interesting choice of words, it literally means to provide freedom. Well, that's what you get with propane appliances, freedom. Freedom to have hot meals, cold food storage, hot water, lighting and even power generation anywhere no [...]
Buy a Unique propane or solar fridge AND any Unique propane range or cooktop from Ben's Deals and receive up to a $400 MAIL-IN REBATE* Limited time only - January 31, 2016 to February 28, 2017. On a qualifying UNIQUE fridge and UNIQUE range/cooktop pair, when purchased together. Ask us for details! Shop Now! 1-800-771-7702
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